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Becky Was Just The Right Person For Me

“After a fair few weeks of tearing my hair out I finally came to the conclusion that I needed a helping hand to figure my noisy 3 month old out. I found Becky after searching through a mountain of CV's and and booked her in to come and help for a day. It was definately a good move; Becky was just the right person for me, and confirmed my suspisions that it was a sleep cycle issue, giving me the confidence I needed to deal with her in the future, and showing me how to help train her to sleep. I would certainly reccommend her to anyone who needs support in figuring things out, setting up routines and generally boosting confidence. If I could I would have hired her for a month!”

Louisa Stocker

She Was A Total Lifesaver

“At four months our daughter Evie was having terrible trouble sleeping for any length of time during the day and was finding it impossible to sooth herself to sleep. She had become totally reliant on my help to sooth herself either with cuddles or a feed. As a result by the end of the day she (and I!!) were utterly exhausted and the bath and bedtime routine was a tearful struggle to 7pm. Becky came to stay with us for just 48 hours in September 2010. She arrived on the Monday lunchtime and by the time she left on the Wednesday she had left us with a totally transformed little girl. Not only does she sleep for three decent sized naps a day she has become the most charming and utterly delightful little girl. Bath times are now the highlight of our day and we are able to do baby massage and she goes to bed awake and is able to settle herself. Thanks to Becky I am now much less exhausted as I can often catch up on sleep during one of Evie’s day times naps. I also have so much more confidence as a mother. From observing Becky I am starting to understand Evie’s needs much better and can distinguish her cries and spot her sleeps cues.

Not only was Becky a joy to have around, she also always kept me fully informed in what she was doing, why she was doing it and how I could learn from her. Becky kept me re- assured at all times and I had total confidence and trust in her. Evie adored her and my husband and I got the opportunity to go out for supper for the first time since she was born, leaving her in Becky’s more than capable hands.

Coming from a medical background myself I was very reassured by Becky’s. I asked her countless questions over the time she spent with us and she always answered them brilliantly, explaining things so clearly. I learnt so much from her.

I cannot recommend Becky highly enough. For me she was a total lifesaver as well as being a lovely friendly and fun person to have around. She is incredibly motivating, understanding and most of all, amazing with children.”

Anna Ashfield

Becky Really Did Save Me From A Lot Of Stress

“When he was about five weeks old my son stopped sleeping in his cot and would scream every time I put him in his moses basket. The only way he would sleep during the day was if I was in perpetual motion. I spent many days walking around the local park until I finally decided I needed to get help.

A friend recommended Becky and I must admit at first I was sceptical that anyone could make a difference by coming to visit for just one day. The minute Becky arrived she put my mind at rest and I knew she'd be able to help. She instilled confidence in me at a time when I had really stopped believing I knew how to handle my son.

The day after her arrival I was slightly nervous that I would be able to do the routines and techniques without her, but for the first time ever my son fell asleep straight away when I put him in his moses basket without fussing, and he began sleeping through the night at just eight weeks old.

Becky really did save me from a lot of stress and heartache and I would - and do - recommend her to all my friends who have had children, to the point I think a lot of them get bored with me going on about her!”

Alison Patel

Kept Us Sane Through Some Very Tough Times

“On 11 April 2009 we were blessed to give birth to twin baby boys and like everything we tackle we thought it would be tough but we would be able to cope. It is such an emotional time in your life it is like a rollar coaster from the jubilation that you have two perfect little babies to the bottom which is lack of sleep and are you doing it right. We lived in London and felt very much alone with the boys as neither of our parents live near by to help provide support and guidance.

After 3 weeks we reaslised that we needed help, to make sure we doing things right and to get some sleep and Becky was our saviour. As a new parent you are very careful who you will entrust your babies to but after speaking to Becky on the phone I felt totally at ease. Becky comes across not only as a very positive, kind person but who has great knowledge in what she does and being a paramedic made me feel even more sure she was the right person. We decided to keep our sanity and a person for me to talk things through we had Becky one night a week for the 12 weeks and with her help, guidance and listening we were able to get the boys into a routine that worked for all. Once we were ready to wean the boys we got Becky back to help and to go through any issues we had encountered and to provide solutions and like always her advise and support were invaluable. The boys loved seeing Becky and they were so happy with her it made it easier to go out or just relax !

I have and will continue to recommend Becky to any friends who need help as her caring and positive attitude and general love or babies kept us sane through some very tough times.”

Sam Parry

We Would Highly Recommend Becky And Happier Families

“Becky visited us when our son Alexander was around 4 months old. She spent the day with us (from 7am to 7pm) and totally transformed our lives. Alexander wouldn't sleep during the day and was very fussy to deal with as a consequence. She showed us how to settle him with minimum fuss and complete understanding. We would highly recommend Becky and Happier Families.”

Karina Sharp

She Quite Literally Changed Our Lives

“I can quite honestly say that Becky changed our lives. Nothing prepares you for your first child. They don't come with manuals and trying to understand what each cry means can be very distressing for a new mother. Ethan was 14 weeks old when Becky came to us for 3 days. He had no routine, he wasn't sleeping through the night and would only sleep during the day if I walked him around in his pram. I was exhausted, tearful and I felt like a failure. Becky came to us and taught Ethan to sleep in his cot, found the best position for him to sleep in and taught me what his cries meant. After 3 days I felt really tearful when Becky left as she quite literally changed our lives. I now had a baby who would sleep in his cot, one who had a routine which only 3 days ago seemed the impossible. I had a little more freedom and I also had the knowledge to keep on track. Now at 6 and a half months my little boy sleeps from 7pm til 6.30am - he is a dream baby when once I thought he was so difficult and we have so much more fun time together! I would have absolutey no hesitation in recommending Becky and in fact would recommend that she is something all new mothers have. With my next baby I will call upon Becky earlier as she assures me that she will not only be able to help the little one get into a routine but also with the adaptation process Ethan will have to go through - I have no doubt that she will work miracles once again!”

Sally Tucker

Becky Transformed Our Lives

“In a couple of hours, Becky transformed our lives and gave us the tools to cope with being a new parent, we learnt so much and I wish every new mum could benefit from Becky's insight.”

Elizabeth Oskoui

She Was Wonderful From The Minute She Walked In

“Becky came to see us when my son was just two weeks old. I was nervous introducing someone new given he was so young, but she was wonderful from the minute she walked in and gained my confidence in seconds. Becky gave us so much knowledge and confidence, transforming our experience as parents overnight. As a result my son developed positive sleep associations from an early stage and quickly became a settled and content baby. I will continue to recommend Becky to all my pregnant friends.”

Lisa Schiller

I Would Most Definitely Use Her Again

“Becky has helped me on 2 separate occassions with my children. The first time she successfully helped me to get my toddler to sleep beyond 5am and the second time she helped me with weaning my baby (who is now a fab eater) and potty training issues with my toddler. Becky has a lovely manner and offers brilliant and affordable advice that works. I would most definitely use her again and have recommended her to friends.”

Sharon Krausz

Calming & Stress Reducing

Our daughter was born in November 07 and Rebecca Bilson worked with us when she was 2 weeks and 7 weeks old. We are first time parents and she was an enormous help at a time when we were at our wits end trying to cope. She showed us techniques for calming a newborn which worked wonders, and gave us plenty of reassurance and advice. She also gave us a little break from our stress by looking after the baby for a few hours. For most people leaving their newborn with a "stranger" would be daunting prospect but not with Becky - she is calm and "in charge" whilst still being warm, friendly and relaxed. Our daughter was also completely relaxed around her so we were very comfortable with the situation. Then when she reached seven weeks and we had allowed ourselves to get out of sync with her feeding and sleeping - a cause of much stress and anxiety for all three of us - we asked Rebecca back and once again her advice and knowledge was invaluable. She guided us on an easy routine and Anjelica steadily improved from then on.

We fully intend to employ her again when the need arises.

Yours faithfully

Christina Carty

A Full Nights Sleep


Thank you so much! You kept your word; our baby girl is sleeping through the night!

Dave White


Dearest Becky,
Just a little note to say thank you for all you have done over the last few weeks, I would never have believed my daughter would be sleeping through the night at nine weeks! We would never have managed it without your help and encouragement. You've even made this first phase enjoyable, what will I do without you?!
Liz Yonge

Great Support

Dearest Becky,

We just want to say thank you very much for your help these last few days, you have been a wonderful support to me and I have learnt so much from you. Also a big special thank you for your support when I got ill, taking my baby for the day, I couldn't have managed without you. THANK YOU.

Carolein and Geoff

A Godsend

In our search for a maternity nurse to reduce some of the pressure of raising a new born baby, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have been introduced to Becky and she proved to be a godsend.

In addition to being an extremely well qualified maternity nurse she is also a fully trained paramedic, which is an added bonus when it comes to the safety of our "little darlings" and we had absolutely no concerns when leaving our children in Becky's capable hands.

Apart from being highly qualified, Becky is also a lovely, kind person who goes above and beyond the normal duties of a maternity nurse to assist and help wherever she can. She has always been punctual and has never let us down in any way whatsoever.

During the time Becky spent with us as a maternity nurse, we learnt that she is also a First Aid trainer so following my recommendation, my company now employs Becky as an external Health and Safety consultant.

Bruce and Joelle Abercrombie

Great Advice

You and I spoke on the phone a few weeks ago about my 16 week old son. You recommended that we get rid of his dummy and stop swaddling him in order to get him sleeping through the night. I am pleased to tell you that we followed your advice and it has worked! Our son has his dreamy feed between 10-11pm and sleeps until 8-9am!! Thank you so much for your help - it has made a huge difference! We also have been putting him down for naps before he is visibly tired and he is brilliant at putting himself to sleep now.

I wanted to give you some feedback and say thank you so much for your help. It was so reassuring to hear a professional say it is okay to let him grizzle and not rush in every 5 minutes to check on him. Anyway, everything is going really well and a lot of that is thanks to you!

Helen Chrishop

A Helping Hand

We hired Becky Bilson as a maternity nurse for five weeks in the summer of 2007 from when our son was two to five weeks old and eight to ten weeks old.

As totally clueless new parents Becky was an absolute God-send for us. Before our Son was born she met with us to discuss our concerns and what we wanted from a maternity nurse. She was very receptive and also had good suggestions.

As soon as she joined us she immediately started to get him into a routine of feeding, playing and sleeping. She seemed to have a knack of getting him off to sleep and soon he was happy going to sleep on his own in his cot.

She helped me establish breast feeding and introduced me to expressing so that by her third night she was able to take over the 3am feed meaning I could get a full night's sleep.

During the day she helped with the normal chores of changing nappies, sterilising bottles, taking our baby out to give me a break, putting him to sleep and generally helping me to become more confident, so much so that by her third week we made an excursion into London to meet my husband for lunch.

Nine months later we are still reaping the benefits as we have a contented baby, who is in an excellent routine, happy to play on his own and sleeps through the night. Becky is a natural with babies and quite obviously adores them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Tim and Erica Britnell


Becky has been to stay with me and my baby twice since my little girl was born. The first time was when she was 2 weeks old. Becky demonstrated techniques for settling the baby and outlined a night time routine. She gave us techniques for swaddling and how to encourage sleep when she was crying. Becky also set out a routine for us to follow and answered the questions we had on breast feeding. Following this initial visit, Becky kept in touch and was always very responsive to phone calls with queries about our daughters' development.

Becky came back to stay with us when our daughter was 14 weeks old. During this period, she set out a new feeding and sleeping routine more suitable to her age. She also helped us get her sleeping without a swaddle. Since this last visit, she has slept through most nights and is also much more able to sleep in her pram when I am out and about.

Becky is exceptionally practical but also understanding about the challenges of being a new mum. She aims to give mum a rest by dealing with all the baby work but she is also willing to help with the washing up. Having Becky come to stay is like having a holiday! I feel very lucky to have met her and to know I can always call for help when needed.

Susan Anderson


My son was 11 months old and was still waking 2 - 4 times a night. I also struggled to get him to sleep more than 1 1/2 hours during the day and each nap time was a battle. I had read all the baby books, implemented a strict routine, set a bedtime routine early on and tried controlled crying but nothing seemed to work. In desperation I asked for Becky's help. It was amazing, within 24 hours my son was sleeping 3 hours a day, and the day after Becky left slept through the night for us. He has continued this to date. I can't believe the transformation in such a short time and wished I had asked for Becky's help earlier. I would say to anyone who is struggling as a new parent to contact Becky, her fees are expensive but worth every penny. We will certainly ask for her help again with the next one.

Hester Monaghan


Becky was a lifesaver! Our daughter didn't sleep through for the first nine months of her life - she was doing 4 hours maximum at a time. I was absolutely desperate and phoned Becky not believing she can help us in 24 hours. But Becky did help us, by helping me to understand that she could not fall asleep independently and that she cries for attention not because something is wrong. Our daughter now falls asleep on her own and sleeps from 7 to 7 90% of the time and will only wake up and cry if something is wrong. Thank you so much Becky couldn't have done it without you!

Marlene Thompson

Best Money Spent

From the moment Becky came through our front door I knew we had picked the best person to help us with our wonderful but at the time tiring son.  Becky has taught us the skills to enable us to read all our sons needs which in turn means we now have a wonderful balance between being a Mummy and Daddy but also having time to ourselves and for each other! It really was the best money we have spent since having our Son, what ever you do make sure you contact Becky before you buy any baby stuff unlike us as the cost of all the sleeping aids probably added up to 24 hours with Becky! Our Son loves Becky and is such a happy easy going baby since we had Becky come and help I cannot thank her enough!  I have already told all my girlfriends who are thinking about having baby's that my gift to them will be 24 hours with Becky! Roll on baby no 2 will be having Becky from day one with this one! 

Nikki LaPersonne

Mary Poppins

I would never have believed that the first week with a newborn could be so exhausting and that I would have so many unanswered questions!! You arrived on our doorstep for 24 hours in week two and I can honestly say that it was a key turning point for us. Not only did you give us a much needed nights sleep, but for the first time since our Son was born we had 24 hours of no crying.  Most importantly, from the moment he was put to bed at 7pm he was fast asleep until woken for his 10ish feed (having had a week previously of crying between 7-10pm). Ever since your first visit I felt so much more confident and our Son has been a perfect baby every evening and is now sleeping from 10.30pm to 6.30/7am at 8 weeks. Thank you for your calm manner and for making me more aware of how to "read" our Son. It is such a huge comfort to have you there as a support knowing that you will be our Mary Poppins in times of need. For that we will be always thankful.

Vanessa Shield

Professional Approach

Thank you so much for helping me to sort out our Son’s sleep patterns and teaching him to go off to sleep by himself. He is now sleeping from 7pm to 6/7 am with a bottle at 11pm and it is so wonderful to have my evenings back. He is still not incredibly keen on sleeping during the day but he does get his 3 - 4 naps and seems to be doing well on those. Your re-assurance and professional approach have helped me to become consistent in my response to my Son and more confident in my decisions.

Cornelia Woschek

Advice and Tweaks

We contacted Becky when our little girl was eights months old for some advice on weaning. I had been breastfeeding fully until six months and when we started solids and had a bit of a bad start. We later found out she had a cow’s milk protein intolerance, which didn’t make things easier. By the time eight months came round our daughter really didn’t eat very much and if she did she preferred her fruits over vegs! Becky had a look at my daughters feeding schedule and as a professional maternity nurse recognised her needs (and the bf feeds she didn’t need!) spot on and with a few tweaks in her feeding schedule she actually started opening her mouth, enjoying her food and finishing her bowl!! I only wished I had contacted her earlier!!

When we moved to Houston a couple of months later I had to contact Becky again regarding some breastfeeding issues. She responded very quickly and, as always, her advice worked!

I highly recommend Becky to any parent! I will still be asking her advice all the way from Texas because I know and trust her!

Thanks again for all your help and advice Becky!

Tanja Fransen

Very Effective

Becky Bilson sleep trained my son in May 2008. We found her to be very effective, pleasant and kind and would be delighted to recommend her to any family in need of sleep training.

Our 15 month old son was waking every 2 hours since birth. Becky had him sleeping through the night in 4 days. Of course we needed to carry on the good work, and Becky provided excellent telephone support afterwards. As a direct result of Becky’s work with our family, our son goes down to sleep at 7pm with no trouble, and sleeps through the night. The difference this has made to our family is priceless, and I don’t think we could have done it without Becky starting us off and continued support. I can say without hesitation that it is the best money we have spent in 2008!

We therefore highly recommend Becky,

Vivian Schut


Becky is a superstar, fantastic with babies and parents alike. After a panic-stricken call the night we arrived home from hospital, Becky very kindly came straight over to show us how to care for our Daughter and gave us a lot of confidence in our new job as parents. Becky then came back when she was 10 weeks old and got her into a great routine that had her sleeping through the night. She even babysat while we headed out for dinner. I trust her completely with our Daughter and highly recommend her. Forget the parenting manuals and go straight to Becky! 

Suzanne McGrath


Becky was an incredible help to us, joining us about five weeks after the birth of our first child, and helping us to settle into life with our new baby. Becky is amazing with babies as well as with new parents. She was happy to take him no matter the hour. She helped us to start to develop a routine for our baby. Becky was considerate and a pleasure to be around. We recommend her highly.

Dominic Scott

An Empowering "CAN DO" Attitude

Our little boy Jack was born in April 2008 and I approached motherhood in the same way that I approach most things- I read all the parenting books and researched it to the end!! I can divide the past 8 months into the pre and post Becky stages. In the pre-Becky stage by the 12th week we were over-stressed first time parents who wondered if we would ever see a full nights sleep again. Becky was personally recommended to me and I will always recall my first phone consultation with her as I instantly felt better by her “can do” approach and practical advice. Becky’s background as a qualified maternity nurse and paramedic is evident- she has integrated all her expertise into devising practical management approaches for babies- based on a sound understanding of what little babies need. Becky came to stay with us for a 24 -hour period- primarily in a problem-solving role. She established Jack in a 4 hourly routine, which has worked wonders and is easily incorporated into a normal day. Jack has thrived as a result. Becky also taught him (and us!!) the crucial lesson of how to self-soothe and got rid of Jack’s soother which I am delighted about.

When I met Becky for the first time I was struck by her energy, enthusiasm, sense of fun and genuine love of her work- she cares deeply about what she does and Jack instantly responded to her kindness and calm confidence. The house felt so empty when she left but Becky’s key skill in my opinion is her ability to empower parents with a belief that they can do it and imparted her advice in a way that left me feeling confident I could continue. And I have!!

Becky you were a great support to us at a crucial stage. Our extended families sing your praise although they never met you as they noticed a significant improvement in all of us. Now if something goes wrong I know I don’t have to panic as Becky is just a phone call away. And if I am fortunate enough to have a Number 2 someday I know who I will be booking well in advance...!

Alma and Tom Barry

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